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    Looking for a keynote speech on leadership, personal branding, mentoring and coaching, women in business, financial literacy or personal transformation? Deborah has spoken to dozens of audiences and is a frequent stage presence at events and galas.

    Looking for a speaker that inspires, motivates, and ignites action?

    With each topic, Deborah brings her passion, experience, and knowledge to inspire others to seek their truth, open their hearts and experience the power life brings authentically feeling gratitude from the soul.

    “Your wonderful speech was truly “powerful” as you spoke from your heart. I’ve listened to hundreds of event speeches and yours is one of the best, touching us all. Bravo!!
    – Andrew Lisac, Regional Executive Officer at Playworks, Inc.

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March 8, 2018
at 7:30am - 8pm MST

Embassy Suites
5001 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

Embrace the Fear and Risk Blossoming

When confronted with leaving behind her home, car, possessions, and friends and to travel in a motor coach for 136 days, Deborah Bateman was apprehensive and afraid. She couldn’t imagine how she could thrive without all the things that she acquired and had molded her into the person she had become (or so she thought). By leaving behind her material possession, and stepping out into the unknown, she flourished and gained a multitude of “Lessons Learned.”

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